Lent Week 1

This year for Lent, I have decided to write out my prayers for the day. A lot of the things I have written are things I struggled with that day, things I know I’ll struggle with, and a lot of thanks. (FYI: I start each week on a Wednesday and they end on the following … More Lent Week 1


This past weekend, I attended an amazing retreat at my church. One of my absolute favorite things about retreats is the amount of bliss and peacefulness and sheer joy you can experience, knowing that in a few hours you can worship your heart out with a bunch of other kids or sit and listen to … More Tetelestai


Jesus is better and greater than anything and everything we know. God is so good to us and sometimes we take that for granted by turning to worldly people or things instead of Him. There is a song called “Jesus is Better” and it really touched my heart this morning. Some of the lyrics that are below … More Greater

We Are

As Christians, we are many things. We are rescued. We are free. We are made new. We are children of the Creator of the universe. Our God is a merciful, compassionate, loving, and ever-present God who does so much for us, all without any price to be paid. There is nothing we can do to work … More We Are


Change can seem scary at times. But sometimes, God calls us to make a change. The thing about change is that it’s always part of God’s plan. He won’t turn your life around, drop you somewhere, and say “Okay, figure it out.” God will always be there with you and will support and assist you … More Change


I tend to rush. I rush everything. I rush my weeks, I rush my plans, and everything in between. I have this need to get everything done so I can stop stressing about it. Something I’ve discovered that I don’t have much of is patience. Whenever my heart hurts, I’m impatient to know when God … More Patience


Sometimes difficulties come our way and we tend to focus so heavily on them that we lose sight of God. Turning against the issue at hand immediately and not stopping until you feel successful in defeating it simply ends badly. Focusing on God as we walk through life makes each day so much more beautiful … More Focus

Losing It

Do you ever have those moments where the world seems to be stacked up on top of you and there’s no escaping the problems that follow you or the expectations riding on your back? If you’ve been there, trust me, you’re not alone. Those moments where the only thing you can think of is saying, … More Losing It