A Tough Place

One of my biggest struggles in day to day life is being overwhelmed. I’m sure I’ve written about this before, but I am so involved in so many different things that events and dates and times and assignments start to pile up so high that I don’t see a way out. I get frustrated, I … More A Tough Place

Lent Week 6

This is my final week(+some) of Lent prayer journalling! (This post is a little bit longer since I figured I’d combine this past week of journalling with the few days leading up to Easter.) I’ve loved doing this. It’s a fun way for me to keep track of my prayers and see how thoughts and … More Lent Week 6

Lent Week 5

Here is week number 5 of my lent prayer journaling! This one will have to upload a day late as I haven’t been able to save on the actual blog website but it is the same number of days! I’ve been extremely happy this week and so grateful for all of the experiences God has … More Lent Week 5

Lent Week 4

Here is week number 4 of prayer journaling for Lent! This week I’ve noticed I mentioned joy a lot and how I’ve seen God’s beauty in the world around me. It’s so fascinating and reassuring to look at what I’ve prayed for and about and to see these things come to action. My hope with … More Lent Week 4

Lent Week 3

Lent prayer journalling week 3 is here! I hope if you stumble upon these posts that you enjoy them and maybe relate or are able to get something from my rambling. It’s very rewarding to me to be able to spend time journalling and actually writing out my prayers to God. It really helps me … More Lent Week 3

Lent Week 2

Here goes, week number 2 of my Lent prayer/thought journaling!! This week I went into depth in some of my thought processes, so I hope any of this can make you think in some way. It’s interesting to me to see how my thoughts differ amongst the days and I hope this may be interesting … More Lent Week 2