I tend to rush. I rush everything. I rush my weeks, I rush my plans, and everything in between. I have this need to get everything done so I can stop stressing about it. Something I’ve discovered that I don’t have much of is patience. Whenever my heart hurts, I’m impatient to know when God … More Patience


Sometimes difficulties come our way and we tend to focus so heavily on them that we lose sight of God. Turning against the issue at hand immediately and not stopping until you feel successful in defeating it simply ends badly. Focusing on God as we walk through life makes each day so much more beautiful … More Focus

Losing It

Do you ever have those moments where the world seems to be stacked up on top of you and there’s no escaping the problems that follow you or the expectations riding on your back? If you’ve been there, trust me, you’re not alone. Those moments where the only thing you can think of is saying, … More Losing It


I have been thinking about how wonder and humility relate. My perspective was totally changed after realizing how small everything in my life actually is. This topic sparked my interest and I sort of had a “wow” moment. Let me explain. Sometimes we feel as though our problems are the most difficult things in the world. … More Humility

The Minor Details

Some of the biggest problems I have with my faith and in my daily actions are that I stress out far too easily and I overanalyze nearly everything (causing me to be stressed). Something that I’ve recently realized is that God doesn’t want me to spend my life thinking about every single action I do and … More The Minor Details