From July 10-23rd, I spent my last two weeks as a camper at my camp, Camp Cho-Yeh. It was very bittersweet, to say the least. But, for a week in between, I took part in a program called Christian Leadership Training (CLT). I chose to go on the river trip and I spent four days … More Strength


Jesus is better and greater than anything and everything we know. God is so good to us and sometimes we take that for granted by turning to worldly people or things instead of Him. There is a song called “Jesus is Better” and it really touched my heart this morning. Some of the lyrics that are below … More Greater

We Are

As Christians, we are many things. We are rescued. We are free. We are made new. We are children of the Creator of the universe. Our God is a merciful, compassionate, loving, and ever-present God who does so much for us, all without any price to be paid. There is nothing we can do to work … More We Are


Community is huge. Churches need community to even be considered a church. A church is not just a building and it’s not a once a week service. The church itself is the community inside it. The community in the church is all that matters. Every building is just a building, but a church has something … More Community


We are so unworthy of God’s grace, but became worthy for free when He sent His son to die for us. I’m sure you’ve heard something along those lines before, but a lot of us don’t actually soak in what all of that means. As sinners, we do things that make us unworthy of God’s … More Worthy

Time of Sabbath

This weekend I was on an incredibly relaxing and fun retreat with my church. One thing I learned a lot about this weekend is Sabbath. Sabbath is known as a time of rest. But that’s not all it should and can be. Sabbath is taking a spiritual rest with God. And I learned that this is … More Time of Sabbath

Joy (Pt. 2)

This post is going to be a bit of a sequel to my last one. It is more about joy and carrying God’s light with you as that is something I’ve been struggling with. I know it can be difficult when you are surrounded by stress and anger to have your thoughts be, “God, thank you … More Joy (Pt. 2)


I’ve recently realized how much happier I am ever since I’ve been growing closer to God. It’s an incredible things to realize that the love of our Creator can literally change your life around. It can make every tedious, exhausting school day into another day happy to be alive and loved by God. Having a … More Joy

In Awe

Reflecting back on this weekend, I’m in awe that I was in the presence of God and got to see Him moving in middle school students. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen someone being moved by a sermon or wishing with all of their heart to grow closer to God and keep their faith strong, … More In Awe

A Promise

Recently I’ve been asked to share my testimony and I’ve been trying to decide a good bible verse to share at the end of it to (hopefully) leave some sort of impact on the people I’m speaking to. I found one verse that I really like. I’m not sure that I’m going to use it, … More A Promise