Do Not Fear

A week ago today, I went on a trip called CIY (Christ in Youth) for the third time. Every year  I have attended, my faith is deeply impacted along with my life. I assumed that this summer I would learn more about my calling as I have for the past two summers and that would … More Do Not Fear


This past weekend, I attended an amazing retreat at my church. One of my absolute favorite things about retreats is the amount of bliss and peacefulness and sheer joy you can experience, knowing that in a few hours you can worship your heart out with a bunch of other kids or sit and listen to … More Tetelestai

Trusting in God

Now I know I seem to have talked a lot about trust on this blog. It’s even in the title! But, today I felt God call me to listen very closely to Him today and the words God spoke through others and through my Jesus Calling book awed me. And believe it or not, it … More Trusting in God