The purpose of this blog is to basically journal my life and my faith. I felt God put it on my heart to share my thought processes, bumps in the roads, successes, failures, tests, and everything in between. I’ll try my hardest to make sense of and give insight into the things that God calls me to write about. I find it interesting to process my thoughts on things God brings to my attention and decided to share them with anyone who is willing to read!! I’m so excited to see what God has in store for this year and years to come so this blog will sort of be a timeline of that!

Disclaimer: I think I write so often about life’s challenges and stresses because I have learned a lot about how to handle them and how NOT to handle them. I’ve been through a million and one troubles just like everyone else and try to gain something from each one. Some of them I’m still working on deciphering. But whenever I learn something from a past experience, I like to share it with people. Helping people get through something and seeing them succeed makes me so full of joy. If going through a hardship and then talking about it can help someone else, then I’m all for it. I also write a lot about things that make me happy and how I have learned I should go about my days. Hope you enjoy!


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