Lent Week 6

This is my final week(+some) of Lent prayer journalling! (This post is a little bit longer since I figured I’d combine this past week of journalling with the few days leading up to Easter.) I’ve loved doing this. It’s a fun way for me to keep track of my prayers and see how thoughts and prayer requests change throughout a week. God is so good at helping me realize things so suddenly and right when I need them! I’m so glad I did this for Lent this year, and I encourage anyone interested to give it a shot.


God, I thank you for safe travels and a great spring break! I’m so fortunate to have been able to take that trip and I thank you for allowing me to enjoy a relaxing and very happy week! Joy is all around me and I’m so grateful for that. Thank you for helping me see the places you put happiness in my life. I love when I can just be extremely happy and have very few worries. I feel closer to you when I’m like this, but I pray that I don’t start to thank the world for it. I pray that no matter what, I can turn to you immediately whenever I experience this elation. Thank you for showing me that no matter the circumstances, you are with me always and the beauty you place in the world can be found everywhere I go.


I really appreciate the chance to relax when I have it, God, so I thank you for today. I’m so grateful for wonderful people and chances to spend time with those I love, but I’m also incredibly grateful for quiet, alone time. Both are incredibly important to me. Thank you for these gifts in my life and especially today. I’ve had a great day, spending time at home and with friends, so thank you.


Thank you for another day of happiness! I’m so glad I was able to enjoy time with some amazing friends today and to take advantage of the awesome weather you’ve given us. I love being able to have fun and enjoy being in the presence of some wonderful friends. I thank you for the people you’ve placed in my life and how they listen, love, and accept me. Thank you for the people that continue to inspire me to become more like you, God. I am beyond grateful for the gifts you give me every day.


Thank you for another relaxing day of spring break, God. I’m so fortunate to be able to simply relax as I have been for the past few days and I thank you for that. Being able to enjoy life and having every moment of my day be something new is a wonderful feeling. I know that I should view the world with a joyful mindset more often, so I thank you for days when I realize again how incredible it feels to be excited by life. I’m grateful for times to reflect, pray, and be with you, God, even when I don’t notice it. Thank you for your presence and for being such a faithful God.


God, I thank you for today. I pray that this last week of lent journaling goes well and I may discover something from this whole process. I thank you for your patience and I pray for me to gain some of that. In the path towards growing closer to you, I get frustrated and I start to want to stray away so easily, but you remain steady. Thank you for that gift. I pray that I can gain some of your patience as I tend to panic when things come out of the blue in my life. God, you know I love to plan and it freaks me out when my thought process is ruined. I pray that you can help me get over that and understand you are holding on to me. I’m not alone. My world will not crumble if I don’t try and hold up every piece by myself. You are always here to help and support me, and I pray that I always remember that. In stressful, scary, and joyful times, I pray that I turn to you and know that to be true.


God, thank you for a fairly easy but exciting Monday! I’m grateful that I was able to view my day in a joyful light, waiting for something exciting and knowing that good things would come. Thank you for a great day where I was truly able to live every moment and look forward to something interesting while at school. That’s hard for me to do, but I hope  I can continue that into this and following weeks. I’m glad that even after such a wonderful break that I am able to come back to school and look forward to something exciting that I know can be found at all times. Thank you for the ability to settle back into routine but to have everything be different, yet okay.


God, I thank you for your gifts in life. I can’t get by without your wisdom, strength, compassion, love, and more. I don’t think I realize that enough!! I always want to personify your light in the world but I thank you for the gifts you give when I need them the most. Strength especially. I need your strength quite often and I’m always able to perservere when I pray for your strength and for your assistance. Thank you for being such a faithful God and such a patient God. Thank you for helping me realize that when your spirit is within me, I will not fall.


God, I thank you today for community and family. I’m so grateful for the support systems I have in various people and in various areas of my life. I thank you for the blessing of the friendships I have and for the blessing of family support. Through thick and thin, you have placed some amazing people in my life and I couldn’t be more thankful for them. Thank you for their kind spirits and warm hearts that you have placed in them to share with me & the world. It’s amazing to see your qualities in the hearts of the people that mean the most to me! I only hope that I can provide the same love and generosity that they give to me to the world. I pray that I can shine your light in the world and that I may personify your caring, loving, generous qualities. It’s also such a crazy feeling to see that I thanked you for your strength yesterday and your amazing gift of strength came into play today. Thank you for the blessings to be found at all times when I can lean on others and see who will support me.


 Thank you for another day, God. I thank you for always answering my prayers and for the fact that when your spirit is in me, I can never fall. I love that. “God is within her; she will not fall.” Thank you for that promise. Thank you for showing that to me exactly when I needed it. I thank you also for the gifts I see in my every day life and for being such a gracious God. Every day is a gift. I pray that I continue to know these truths and turn to you when I am feeling grateful.


God, I thank you for a day off of school and time to relax again. I love being able to spend this time out of school and at home. I love and appreciate that I was able to spend time with friends and family today, so thank you for that gift. God, today I am praying for your strength and your kindness again to be poured into me. I can do nothing without you, and I pray that you would put instill these things in my heart. I need you always, and these things will really help me carry on in life. God, I thank you for the ability to be strong and brave and gentle, and I pray that you continue to help me be these things. 


Thank you for today, God. I loved being able to have fun and enjoy my day again!! Thank you for the beauty of your world being so present in my eyes. I continue to pray that I see it always and in every situation. I thank you for your gifts in every day and for your gifts in my heart! I also continue to pray for your strength and kindness. I thank you for these gifts and that I may present them towards others. I know my journaling will end soon, but I pray that I continue to go through the same process, even without writing my thoughts out. Thank you for this experience and for the season of Lent this year! 


God, thank you for the beauty & promises to be found in Easter!! Thank you for a relaxing day, but the knowledge that I am a part of the reason for Easter. Thank you for the promise that Jesus’s death was an act of love and it was for me, along with everyone else. I am a part of the reason that Jesus died and rose again. Romans 5:8 says: “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” I love this verse. I thank you for your love and that even though while I turned away from you and while I sin, your love is eternally strong. Thank you for your mercy, your grace, and your wonderful gift of Easter. Thank you for an incredible day and for this wonderful holiday. 


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