Lent Week 5

Here is week number 5 of my lent prayer journaling! This one will have to upload a day late as I haven’t been able to save on the actual blog website but it is the same number of days! I’ve been extremely happy this week and so grateful for all of the experiences God has placed in my life. 


I am grateful for another day God, so thank you for today! I know that decisions will have to be made soon, and that scares but excites me. I really pray that you help me accept your plan as it shapes my life and as you carve my path. It makes me nervous to know that you have total control over my life, but all in all, I am certain whatever you do will be best for me. It’s hard to know I won’t be able to always make the decisions in my life. Thank you for the comfort in knowing I can put my life in your hands and that you’ll protect me from anything. 


Thank you for today God! I thank you for the knowledge that my life is in your hands and that things will only look upwards on my path towards become closer to you. I pray that I continue to make attempts to strengthen my relationship with you, God. Thank you so much for the immense amount of comfort I have in knowing that you will take care of everything. Thank you for your promise to take care of me and to never lead me astray. I need to remember that your plan is best for me and while often unexpected, whatever you do in my life can only benefit me someway, somehow. Thank you for your love, grace, and comfort. 


Thank you for today God! I’m excited to leave town tomorrow and start spring break, so thank you for that experience and opportunity! I am nervous for today as I have something important to do, so I pray you give me the strength to carry this out and the knowledge that my life is in your hands. I know I tend to get upset when things don’t go to plan, please help me remember that everything in my life is up to you. You have some amazing purpose for my life and I can’t wait to see all of the pieces that have been unfolding recently come together. I pray you give me the bravery to accept that fact and the eyes to see your work in my life and others.


Thank you for today! I’m so excited to get on the plane tonight, I pray that we have a safe flight and a nice journey. I am slightly nervous for the ride, so I pray you soothe my nerves. Everything is up to you, so I lay this trip in your hands! Thank you for the opportunity and time to be able to relax and travel! Seeing the world you have crafted is an amazing experience, and I thank you for that.


Today was great, thank you for every moment! We’ve arrived and our plane journey was not bad at all. Thank you for keeping us safe and for wonderful travels. Thank you for a relaxing and fun day! I’m so grateful that I get all of the experiences that I do get. Thank you for all of the beauty in new things and for safe travels! I pray the rest of this trip is great and that we continue to stay safe, warm, and happy!!


Thank you for another amazing day, God! Today was wonderful and I’m so grateful for all the fun I’ve had so far! Thank you for laughter, new experiences, and great times all around. This trip has been so great to me so far and I thank you for that. I just pray we continue to have fun-filled, great days like this one! Again, I continue to feel so fortunate and so grateful for everything I get to do and see. Thank you for this week so far. I pray that we continue to enjoy ourselves and that your beauty and creation is evident all around! 


Thank you for another amazing day, God. I really love getting the chance to be so happy and simply enjoy a day out!! Thank you for success and joy all around today! I’ve loved this trip so far and I thank you for the opportunity to be here! I pray that we continue to have a safe and enjoyable time and that we can just relax but also see you laying things out ahead of us.


I am so full of happiness. Thank you for today, God. It is a sweet friend of mine’s birthday and I thank you for being able to remember Kobi in joy today. I also thank you for today in general! I had such amazing and fun experiences and I thank you for all of the people I got to meet! I hope that you continue to show me how your plan will play out and that I can understand what you’re doing in my life. I thank you so much for all of the joy in my life and all of the bright things in the world that you are bringing to my attention. Thank you for the gifts you’ve placed in my life, I couldn’t be more grateful! 


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