Lent Week 4

Here is week number 4 of prayer journaling for Lent! This week I’ve noticed I mentioned joy a lot and how I’ve seen God’s beauty in the world around me. It’s so fascinating and reassuring to look at what I’ve prayed for and about and to see these things come to action. My hope with this is that it may motivate someone to keep track of their prayers and notice how things turn out. Enjoy! 


Thank you for times of rest and joy to be with others God!! I appreciate when I have time to be myself and be able to spill on what is bringing me down and where I see you in my life. I pray that I may be able to see every day in a new light and know that the Holy Spirit is always with me. Help me remember that the Holy Spirit is just as much of a major player in my life as you are.


Thank you for times of being in your presence and being able to have fun in life, God. I thank you for times to really unwind and to be able to pour my heart out to others. This week has been going fairly well and I’m very excited for the opportunities you continue to present to me. Thank you for all of the joy and excitement in my life, as well as the harder things that I have to manage. I’m so grateful for all of the gifts in my life and that I get to do the things I get to do. I pray that you can help me remember this always and to have a positive, joyful view of the world. 


Thank you for such a fun and exciting day. I’m grateful to have been away from school and that I got to enjoy spending time with friends. Thank you for these joyful opportunities and that I am able to have fun daily. I pray that I can look forward to every day just as I would when I have something exceptional happening on a certain day. I tend to skip forward in life and only pay attention when I have something fun or different to do. Walking through the past few days and days way before, I can barely recall school days or days where I didn’t do many extraordinary things. I know there is joy everywhere to be found, and I just pray that I can keep my eyes open to find it. It’s hard to not want to just rush through a school day and be done. Daily routines become tedious, but every day I get to live is a day I should make something out of.  I pray you help me keep a mindset every day that knows how fortunate I am and looks forward to even the simplest of days.


Thank you for another joyful day! I’m seeing the days add up of how happy I’ve been and it excites me! I love having days where I see your joy and love poured into other people and I pray that I can see that in the world and in others every day. Thank you for the experiences I get to have consistently and that I am so fortunate to be able to spend a day having fun. On another note, thank you for peaceful reminders of better times but the knowledge that I am going to be alright. I thank you for your peace and your strength being poured into me. I pray that everyday I can acknowledge that. 


Thank you for a great day spent with great people God! I’m so happy to know that there is so much joy to be found in every day and every dark corner that seems to unveil. Even when things seem so terribly wrong – beyond repair – you are able to shine a light on my life and show me joy. I love when I can see the bright side of tough situations and I thank you for that. I pray that I continue this upcoming week seeing the joy in my life and not taking anything or anyone in my life for granted. I’m feeling very grateful today and I pray that this week goes well.


Today at school was not nearly as joyful of a day as yesterday was and I believe it’s my fault. I don’t enjoy not being happy and not looking forward to every day, but it’s my fatal flaw. I pray that I don’t get distracted from seeking out your presence in the world and that I can take time to slow down. I thank you for joy that I experience outside of my school day, but I pray that I don’t fast forward through a school day anymore. It’s hard to do, but I know living a life looking at the joy in the world makes everything so beautiful and helps me feel so much closer to you. Thank you for your gifts and your presence, no matter how often I look beyond them. 


Thank you so much for today. I see you have been answering my prayers to experience and find more joy in my daily routine and I thank you for that. That is one thing I have loved about doing these entries and recording my prayers. It’s so interesting to be able to look back on what I’ve struggled with and what I’ve prayed for and how it’s come to action. Thank you for constantly working in my life and for answering my prayers, even when I don’t notice. I thank you for the little things that make me smile and for the bigger things that add up. Your joy is everywhere and I thank you for that.


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