Lent Week 2

Here goes, week number 2 of my Lent prayer/thought journaling!! This week I went into depth in some of my thought processes, so I hope any of this can make you think in some way. It’s interesting to me to see how my thoughts differ amongst the days and I hope this may be interesting to someone?!


Today was a great day and I thank you for that, Lord. I enjoyed spending time with your people and love being able to relish in joyful moments of the day. I pray for my sense of becoming overwhelmed to diminish and that I may find peace. I get nervous very easily and I pray that this week and this weekend I can find comfort in your love. Thank you for your great people and for being with me always. I need your support in life, and knowing that the creator of the universe has my back provides me with the highest form of ease.


Thank you for today God! I enjoyed my day and got to see you shine through others. I did get quite overwhelmed at the end of the day however and it got me thinking. It’s a real problem that I feel this way so often and if I’m honest it makes me unhappy to know that I am not in control of my life. It’s scary to think of that. If I’m not happy with how things are going, that’s okay. My plans and expectations will rarely come into actuality. It’s hard to face that. God, I pray for the peace to know that my plans may not be what you have in store, but your ideas are much greater. I also pray for my nervousness and that it may diminish along with the peace I hope to gain. I get overwhelmed when I feel like something isn’t perfect or I don’t have enough time for something, but I need to keep in mind that fear has no rule in my heart. Your love should be enough and I hope that it may shine through me. I pray for my team and that we may get through tomorrow and our next competitions. I pray for endurance, strength, peace, and for all glory to go to you. I pray for my injuries and that they may heal before I hurt myself more. Thank you for moments of acknowledgement and for your promises.


Nervousness is getting the best of me today, God. I pray for your peace and strength to wash over me as I dance tomorrow at our next competition. I will need your presence (as I always do) to get me through the day and I can tell it will be an exhausting day. Thank you for your promise of always loving and caring for me no matter what happens. I pray that my injury doesn’t affect me too much tomorrow and that my team and I do our best to glorify you all day. I just hope that you can appear to all of the girls on the team and have something remind them that none of us can do this alone, we need strength, peace, grace, and patience and all of this comes from you.


God thank you for today! It was an extremely long, tiring, painful, stressful day, but I’m grateful that your strength got the team and me through it all. I wasn’t all that happy with one of my performances but thank you for relief in knowing that you’re always there and no matter how much I mess up it doesn’t diminish that. All I want is to express your spirit through all of my actions and I pray that I may continue working towards that. Thank you for everything today, stumbles and successes alike.


Thank you for a relaxing day to unwind after a long, hard-working day. I’m so grateful for times to simply relax and recover from everything going on. I wish I could’ve gone to church to hear a bit of your word, but I’m grateful I was able to catch up some more on sleep for the upcoming week I have. Thank you for getting me through these past two weeks, I pray that the team and I do our very bests this weekend at our final competition. I’m nervous, typically. I want this to be my best performance so far for everything like the perfectionist I strive to be. Help me remember that whatever I’m able to do is always through you and that everything I accomplish should glorify you. I thank you for your strength and I pray you continue to give it to me this week. Thank you for your presence and for your love, no matter my capabilities, status, award count, etc.


Thank you for an afternoon to be able to relax in the midst of my busy week. Tonight I am trying to tell myself that fear has no rule in my heart but some days it’s hard to believe. I have found myself in a rut every now and then where I say things that I want to believe but am not even sure I can comprehend, and I don’t think that’s fair of me. Help me understand your truths before trying to analyze them too deeply. I pray that your love and strength are apparent to me soon (as always). I also pray that the fact that making room in my heart for your love can push away the darkness becomes more known in my mind and my heart. I want to follow you with every part of me, but it’s difficult. Help me see your plan and the steps you are purposefully taking in my life.


Today wasn’t my finest day, but thank you for a chance to experience life either way. It’s almost comical when so many things seem to go completely wrong and stack up on top of each other. I feel like they’re starting to pile on top of me however and it’s like falling in slow motion. It’s really hard when I have so many responsibilities and assignments and problems to think through and that I feel like I have to handle it all. Please help me remember that you are here to take these burdens from me and that I don’t have to do this alone. Help remind me that I can’t be independent in this either way. Thank you for your grace and for saving me from drowning under the weight of the world. Please show me to turn to you first instead of worldly distractions when I feel this way. Thank you for your love and your grace.


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