Lent Week 1

This year for Lent, I have decided to write out my prayers for the day. A lot of the things I have written are things I struggled with that day, things I know I’ll struggle with, and a lot of thanks. (FYI: I start each week on a Wednesday and they end on the following Tuesday.) If this sounds interesting to you, I hope you enjoy reading!!


Thank you for today. Tonight was the Ash Wednesday service, I loved being surrounded by people repenting and being in your presence. I pray that the words I heard truly sink in and that I remember your great promise. I pray for me to continue to see you working in my life and to lift my stresses and worries up to you God. It’s exhausting carrying them around with me, so help me remember that you have a plan and can take care of any difficulty that I may encounter. I have a lot on my plate at the moment and I pray that I may shine your light and spread your love while doing all of them. Please help remind me that everything I do should glorify you and I could never do anything without your help. Thank you for an amazing day, for being with me, and for Lent.


Thank you for another day, God. I thank you for the more joyful moments of my stressful day. I pray that I continue to remember to lift these worries up to you and that I remember that fear has no control on my life. I found a quote that says: “What room does fear have when I make room for love?” And I absolutely love it. I need to remember that fear can never win in my life when I make room in my heart for God’s love and protection. No matter the circumstances or amount of stress, your love will always win. I may feel surrounded and trapped by stress or nervousness, but I know in my heart that your strength and your love will always come first and defeat all. Thank you for this promise, God. Things may be hectic at the moment but I need to always keep in mind that you will always put he pieces together and the glory always goes to you. I am so grateful for the strength you have given me and I pray that I am able to see your beauty in even the most stressful of days.


Thank you for today and for a successful practice after/before school! I’m feeling extremely anxious about our first dance competition tomorrow but I know that you will help me through it. Nothing I do tomorrow could be done without your grace and all glory 100% goes to you! Thank you for the peace of mind I can have knowing I’m in your hands. Please help me keep that mindset and not let fear take over my heart. I pray you stay close to me tomorrow and that your presence soothes my nerves. I know I can do anything through you, so thank you for this promise. I really want to keep it in mind all day tomorrow and I pray that it won’t slip from my mind. Thank you for my team and for another wonderful day. I pray for a smooth and joyful day tomorrow, thank you for being with me.


Today was absolutely exhausting and I’m extremely tired, but thank you for a great day. Not everything was perfect and not everything went 100% the way I expected, which makes sense. My plans won’t always end up following through because your plan will always prevail. I definitely need to continue remembering that your plan for me is for my benefit and whatever you do in my life is purposeful. Thank you for being with me in times of nervousness and helping my team do their very best today. I think we did very well and the glory goes to you. We couldn’t have done it without you God. I did fairly well today and I need to not be proud of myself, but grateful to you. Thank you so much for today.


Thank you for such a great day, God. Thank you for all of the things I saw and learned and got to experience. I’m grateful for humbling experiences and your beauty and love. Thank you for all the wonderful people in my life. Thank you also for humbling me to realize how blessed and joyful I am and should feel. I’m so glad to have been able to visit the beautiful Bonfire Memorial and experience such a wonderful day. In the memorial, there was a beautiful quote that rang true in my heart. “There is no grander sight in all the world than that of a person fired with a great purpose, dominated by the love of Christ.” Please help me feel this way and express this light to others around me. I want nothing more than to be a light in others’ lives, this was a bit of a wake up call for me. Thank you for this day and for this quote that will continue to motivate me to personify and share your love in the lives of others.


Thank you for today! I had a great day enjoying time with family and I’m so grateful to get these experiences. I love being able to be with people and live so joyfully in the world you’ve created. Help me remember that I couldn’t do anything without you and never will be able to. I need to work on humility and remembering that the creator of the universe cares about ME and that my issues and infinitely small. Help me not wrestle too much with materialistic problems and see your plan in the darkest (and brightest) of days. Things won’t always go my way, so please help me remember that your plan is for my benefit. I know whatever you do in my life, temporary or permanent, will help me in the long run. It’s hard to realize that my plans or dreams won’t always come true, but I pray that I can remember to find peace in your comfort and your plans. I pray for peace this week as we prepare for another competition and that I may exemplify your spirit and do my very best. Thank you for everything today.


Thank you for a day to relax and enjoy my day. I love and appreciate times where I can enjoy the beauty in daily outings and know that you are working in the world. I pray that I can continue to see through a grateful and joyful mindset as I go through school days, competition days, practice, all of it. I love having that sort of look on life as it makes my days so much better. I tend to get wrapped up in the little things or even bigger things and they overwhelm me. I lose sight of the beauty in life and I’m sorry about that. I get in this place every now and then when I am so overwhelmed by daily things and I am 100% positive that God will help me out, but I can’t see what step I need to take first. It’s hard to admit, but I’m there much more often than I’d prefer. It’s tough, but your grace and strength can help me through these times. Thank you for a wonderful week of recorded prayers and for the first week of lent journaling!


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