Keep Your Eyes Open

God is at work all around us and every day. Sometimes we feel lost and scared when new circumstances come our way, but we just need to keep our eyes open and faith in our hearts.

God is constantly working in all of our lives. Isn’t that amazing? When our days are running smoothly or are extremely hectic, God is behind the scenes, pulling strings and making everything work out. He can do unimaginable things in our lives, so go to the Lord with your hopes, concerns, and expectations. At times, we can feel afraid when our prayers go “unanswered” for the time being. When we don’t see immediate results, we start to get worried. Trust in God, have patience, and know that He is working in your favor every moment of every day. He is always listening and He is always at work. Sometimes, the things we pray for don’t need to come into play in our lives quite yet. Sometimes, we can reflect on the things we’ve prayed about and realize that those things would’ve been disastrous or irrelevant had they occurred. Our Father knows us and He knows what is right for our lives.

I find myself fearing many worldly things and far-off situations and letting them burrow into my brain. I carry them with me and let them make me feel burdened, sad, or nervous. These scary thoughts resonate in my mind and I often forget to turn to God with them. After so long of having those fears in my brain, it becomes too much, and that’s when I tend to turn to Him. I should be giving these thoughts up to the Lord as soon as I feel them creeping into my brain, but it’s a bad habit. I know that He has a plan and that I can trust Him. I know that I shouldn’t worry so much and plan so often. These are all things that God has shown me over time, but being myself, I forget. Amongst these things, I need to remember to be patient and remember that when change evokes these thoughts or they come out of the blue, whatever I face will be a part of God’s plan.

When I am faced with new challenges, my responses can vary. Sometimes I am able to face them with ease knowing that God has my back, while other times I completely panic. Unfortunately, most times it is the latter. Instead of panicking and fearing the change itself, I definitely need to remember that while it may be okay to be a little timid, I can rest in the Lord and be brave, knowing that He has wise intentions. I’m not good with managing big changes quite yet, but I know as I grow in my faith, putting my trust in the Lord when obstacles come my way will become easier and easier. I get nervous and I forget that God has a way with His timing. I love being able to reflect on my life so far and see how the things He has done in my life have shaped me as a person and have transformed my faith. Keeping my eyes open to changes around me and the little things that brighten my day give me clues as to what God may be doing or simply reassurance that He indeed is working in the world.

I’ve said this once and I’ll say it a million times again; change can be scary. But when we have faith and patience with God, we can feel secure and know His plan is steady and His love and protection are everlasting. Keep your eyes open; seeing God’s work is an amazing thing.


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