16 Pieces of Advice

As I turned 16 yesterday, I had been reflecting on things I have learned since then. These are 16 pieces of advice for my pre- (and post-) 16 year old self. (I would like to say I did not create this idea but loved it and wanted to put my own spin on it.) These are all things I’ve discovered over the course of this year and I wanted to share them!!

  1. Being trusting is difficult. It’s not easy to put all of your faith and trust in God, since you’ll never know what He has in store. But, it’s extremely rewarding to see after a while what God had been doing in your life and why. It’s all for your benefit and it’ll all make sense eventually.
  2. Every day will not always be easy. You are going to have really difficult days where you’re just not sure what to do whatsoever. You won’t be sure you can get up that morning because it all just feels like too much. The key to getting through these days is prayer and faith. That sounds a lot easier when you’re reflecting on those tough moments, but those two things are so essential to getting through a rough day. Bring your heartache and concern to God and have faith that He will show what to do and will give you strength.
  3. But, every day has something to live for. Every day is an amazing gift we are blessed to have. It might not always feel like it, but finding the excitement in everyday life is so fulfilling. God has something in store for every one of us, and it may present itself on any given day!
  4. When God is calling you to something, listenThis one is not easy. When you feel God is calling you, drop everything and turn to Him. I promise, if He is calling you to something, it’s worth your time and it’s something to get excited about. You may feel tempted to run away and hide since you can’t be sure how it will turn out. Have faith and have trust.
  5. Finding the joy and positivity in the world isn’t easy but always is rewarding. Having a joyous and childlike mindset while going throughout life is so amazing. Find the bits of wonder that God has placed in this world. Don’t let every day slip away from you in a constant routine of negativity and unhappiness. Pray, be thankful, and be joyous.
  6. Having a church community is so essential. Point blank period. These people will help you grow in your faith and grow as a person. Not to mention they will support you in your toughest and happiest moments. You’ll experience amazing, life-changing moments with these people. Don’t forget they’re there for you.
  7. Change can be scary, but have faith and roll with it. You won’t always understand what God is doing in your life, and that’s okay. But, the pieces will always fit together in the end and all in all, what He is doing is for His plan.
  8. It’s okay to have your moments. Yes, it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to be upset and it’s okay to break down. But in these moments of weakness, don’t forget that God is the #1 supporter you can find. He wants you to come to Him in these hard moments and give it all up to Him.
  9. Sitting in God’s presence is so amazing. Don’t forget this. Make time to have moments of sabbath. It’s so rewarding to sit in God’s presence and pray with Him. Be thankful and let Him know what’s on your mind. You’ll hear from Him and it’s all in all an amazing way to spend your time.
  10. Turn to God always. There’s not much else to say about this. Turn to God with your joys, struggles, successes, hardships, thoughts and plans, everything. He wants to hear about all of this.
  11. The world cannot comfort you like Jesus can. Don’t be tempted to turn to worldly distractions or comforts. Only God can truly provide the level of comfort you want most.
  12. Stresses, doubts, and worries are temporary. Don’t let them consume your mind. Don’t let these things weigh you down and turn your focus from God. Bring these things to God and He will lift their weights off of your shoulders.
  13. When you feel overwhelmed and trapped by the weight of the world, change your perspective. Don’t forget that some stresses may, in actuality, be very insignificant. Worldly problems can seem like the only important thing in your mind and that you need to tackle them immediately. Remember not only to give these thing up to God, but also to keep your mind and eyes set on growing your relationship with Him.
  14. Be patient. Be patient with God’s plan and how/when He puts it into action. The plans you’ve created in your head won’t always happen. Be patient and know that God’s plan will all in all benefit you extremely.
  15. Humility is key. Be humble. There are lots of people in this world and sometimes we need to remember our problems aren’t always the greatest thing in the world.
  16. He is always here. This is a big one. God is always with us. He goes with us everywhere that we go and we need a reminder of that sometimes. We should carry around His light and spirit with us always and remember that He is here.

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