I tend to rush. I rush everything. I rush my weeks, I rush my plans, and everything in between. I have this need to get everything done so I can stop stressing about it. Something I’ve discovered that I don’t have much of is patience.

Whenever my heart hurts, I’m impatient to know when God will make it stop. When I feel trapped by the wait of the world, I’m too impatient to bring my problems to the Lord and I try and solve my issues on my own because I’m too impatient to wait for God to show me the right way. I speed through a school day and I’m too impatient to notice the obvious signs that God is with me always. I have flaws. But I’m working on them.

Stress is a large contributor to my impatience. Whenever I have a lot on my plate, I tend to quickly try and figure everything out and do it all as fast as I can, without asking God for help. This gets me no where, and then I get more stressed out, and the cycle repeats itself. If you experience this too, during these moments we need to realize that the Lord is with us and is willing to lift these weights off of our shoulders. We don’t have to carry the burdens of the world with us. Being constant in prayer and asking for guidance and help with these things can be a huge comfort.

I have a problem of falling back into the routine I used to be in: only looking forward to days with exciting opportunities/events going on and trying to fast forward through the rest. I have learned that I shouldn’t live like that because every day has something to be excited about. I had a solid few weeks where I had the mindset that I should enjoy every day I am blessed to have and I was so happy during those days. The state of mind that I had made every moment of each day so bright and so wonderful. I want to get back to that. We all need a little more joy in our lives, and keeping a positive and trusting mindset throughout our days can really help.

Patience is an important part of your walk with God, and I am just now realizing that this is one of the final steps to fully putting my trust in God. Romans 12:12 says: “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” I love this verse and I am just now fully understanding it. I believe it is saying to be joyful in waiting with hope in our hearts, knowing God will fulfill His promise to be with us always. It is also saying to be patient during times of trouble. God will get us out of whatever trial we may be experiencing. Lastly, it is saying to constantly pray (and especially when waiting in hope and patience). Carrying on in prayer is not only comforting but helps your relationship with God grow.

Being patient with the Lord is essential to putting your trust in Him. Praying to God asking for guidance or support doesn’t do you much if you don’t trust that He will show you what to do and when in time. God has His plan, and sometimes we expect things to happen sooner than God plans for them to. During moments like that, we have to remember to be patient and continue to be trusting in our Father.

I’m not perfect. But none of us meant to be. Gaining a little patience will gain you a little insight which will gain you a lot of joy.


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