Losing It

Do you ever have those moments where the world seems to be stacked up on top of you and there’s no escaping the problems that follow you or the expectations riding on your back? If you’ve been there, trust me, you’re not alone.

Those moments where the only thing you can think of is saying, “I’m gonna lose it” are really tough, I know. And sometimes, it’s totally okay to simply lose it. During these moments however, we can have hope. We can have hope because God has a wonderful plan and He is there to listen to us during these times. As soon as you feel this way or even if you’ve been feeling that way for a long time, you can come to God with it. He will use your times of weakness to strengthen your relationship. Talking to God about what you are concerned about and giving up your problems to Him always helps me feel better.

God puts a lot of things in our lives that we may not understand at the time. I know the tiny things that fall into place and begin adding up to a huge pile of stress on my back never make sense at the moment. But, we can’t get any help or insight into these things if we don’t talk to Him about it. Every now and then, I will get very overwhelmed by the weight of the world and start to feel trapped and alone. My main problem during these moments is not immediately turning to God. I tend to keep to myself when something goes wrong and immediately try to figure out a solution. Constantly being surrounded by expectations to get everything done quickly and perfectly adds another load of stress. I get so wrapped up in being self-sufficient and solving all of my issues that my head starts to be filled with problem after problem and I simply feel like I’m going to lose it. In these times I’m going to work on stepping back and praying about what’s happening instead of diving in and trying to sort everything out as fast as I can. God will always show us the way to safety when we feel like the world is drowning us.

I know that everyone has their existing burdens. Maybe it’s loss, family problems, illness, or something where it’s to such a degree that every so often it comes right back and kicks us down. I know most of these things won’t go away with a simple prayer, and that can make it hard. It’s difficult knowing that it’s not a project where the stress will go away in a week or it’s not a little change where eventually you’ll stop worrying about it. Sometimes we can feel hopeless knowing that it won’t go away, but we still have to keep going. I know the feeling of these problems randomly shoving me down and making me want to just lose it. I’m glad I’m addressing this today because I know someone else reading this may be feeling that way, and reading this post may help us both remember a few things when we feel like this. Firstly, we can and need to still have hope. God will show us eventually why these things happened and we can and will grow stronger from them. Secondly, we can still pray about it. If you feel like just you praying about this burden isn’t enough or you need some extra support, go to someone you trust and ask them to pray about it with you. And thirdly, we will be okay. God has a plan. That can often be the last thing you want to hear in a time of hopelessness, but it’s true. God has a plan for all of us and they include life’s hardships. We will be okay. God doesn’t put anything in our lives that both you and He can’t handle.

When we start thinking of setbacks as opportunities, God shows you that you can gain from everything He places in your life. Some problems may be inescapable and some problems are temporary. But, by talking with our Creator and asking for help can help us gain from these burdens. Lifting them up to God and knowing that His plan in the end is for our benefit can help us through anything. When you feel like you’re going to lose it, our Father will always be there to put the pieces back together.


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