Community is huge. Churches need community to even be considered a church. A church is not just a building and it’s not a once a week service. The church itself is the community inside it. The community in the church is all that matters. Every building is just a building, but a church has something special inside of it. A trusted and welcoming community can help you feel safe and secure. Having that group of friends that you can talk about your faith – or anything – with is so incredible to have.

Community by definition talks about a feeling of fellowship with others. My church’s community is one I am extremely grateful for. I feel like I am where I belong when I’m with my church community and that is one of the best feelings in the world. A feeling of belonging is walking into a group of people and knowing that they will make you smile and want to see you. Even just having a small group of friends that are brought together by God’s love is so amazing and I am so grateful for. you It’s wonderful to have a supportive group of people from all backgrounds, of all ages, from all areas, and know that they will be there for support, friendship, and honesty. 

Support is so crucial to any group or community. In a strong community, everyone keeps each other accountable and held together. Everyone goes through trials and tribulations, ups and downs, but not everyone has a group to be able to share those joys and struggles with. Being able to relate with others and get support and love from them is so important in the highs and lows of our lives. Galatians 6:2 says: “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” A burden shared makes the load lighter for everyone. Being able to go to someone and have them care about your well-being is incredible. Knowing someone will pray for your circumstances or for you in general truly lightens the load off of your shoulders.

Friendship is so wonderful to have, especially when discovering more about your faith. Faith is not meant to be a lonely journey. Faith is meant to be shared with others. A sense of fellowship in community is incredible because they can relate to how you are feeling.  Having a solid group of friends that you can talk with about your faith is a blessing. Being able to come together with a group of people and being able to share your stories, share your trials, share your testimony, and know that that community will still love you and will be able to support you through life is amazing. Yes, faith is about growing in your relationship with God. But it’s also about sharing His love with others and growing in your faith while supporting your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Honesty. A group centered around faith – in God and in each other – is wonderful to have. You can come to each other with your doubts, questions, joys, just everything, and be able to honestly share them. You can break yourself apart and be truly open when you have a community that is strong and that you can trust. When you come together and are able to have these serious talks you know that those people will support you and most likely be able to relate to you. Talking about your faith is so important and being able to honestly communicate how you are feeling and how your faith journey is going is crucial.

 These are the things that enchant me so much about a church community and are some of the main reasons I’m so excited to work in ministry in my future. I hope that when I am older and in my career I’ll be able to witness a youth community grow in their faith and grow closer together.

One of my favorite things is seeing people’s lives being changed by God, and the idea that I’ll be able to watch an incredible community – similar to the one I am currently having my life changed by – grow as a job takes my breath away. God is so good for the gift of fellowship, and I truly hope that everyone is able to experience that gift.


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