Time of Sabbath

This weekend I was on an incredibly relaxing and fun retreat with my church. One thing I learned a lot about this weekend is Sabbath. Sabbath is known as a time of rest. But that’s not all it should and can be. Sabbath is taking a spiritual rest with God. And I learned that this is something I need to do a lot more of.

Our lives are teeming with responsibilities and requirements every single day and it can seem extremely hard to even set aside twenty minutes of your schedule to be still with God. I constantly feel like I have a million things to be doing and that I don’t have time to step away from my tasks. But, one of the most incredible feelings is being able to sit down in a quiet place, step away from the world, and just pray. I was able to do just that this morning and it was so amazing. I gave thanks and listened for anything God had to say.

One thing I did hear God saying was in order to be able to spread His love and His light and to be able to be overflowing with His spirit, I first need to take more time to just rest in God’s presence. I can’t just expect for God to do all of these things in my life if I don’t take time to just get to know Him and be in His presence. And taking this time can’t become something I put on that day’s to-do list. This is something I truly want to do more often.

The best part about this spiritual relaxation (in my opinion) is just listening to God. When you open your heart and want to spend time with Him, He will tell you what you need to know. Jeremiah 33:3 says: “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” This is such a wonderful reason to want to spend time with God. If you talk with God and ask Him whatever is on your mind, being in a state of sabbath can show you the answer as you are completely focused on listening to God.

I am definitely going to try and find a certain place where I can have a time of sabbath. If you’re surrounded by distractions and reminders of worldly tasks, it will be extremely difficult to sit down and focus on God. Sitting in my room would be far too distracting as if I looked around I would see all of the things I feel like I would need to be doing. Sitting outside is so great when having this time as you can admire God’s creation and look at the world around you without material distractions.

Sabbath is such a refreshing time and I want to be able to take a portion of my day to do this. Spending time with God ultimately will help us grow closer to Him, and that’s our goal. Being able to quiet your mind and just sit in admiration of God and of the world is incredible and I can’t wait to do this more.


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