Joy (Pt. 2)

This post is going to be a bit of a sequel to my last one. It is more about joy and carrying God’s light with you as that is something I’ve been struggling with. I know it can be difficult when you are surrounded by stress and anger to have your thoughts be, “God, thank you for this day and the people around me and the situations I am currently in.” I experience this all the time and often have to remind myself that the stress I am under is only temporary. I have to remember to stay peaceful and filled with happiness and love. Once you find that mindset and are able to keep it, nothing can get you down and that’s the best feeling. Each morning seems much brighter with the love and grace of God in your mind and heart.

God truly spoke to me today through a book of daily devotionals called Jesus Calling on this topic. When many things seem to be going wrong, thank the Lord. When your life feels as though it’s spinning off the tracks, thank God. Responding in that way to circumstances in your life can lift you above them due to the strength and love of God. Isn’t that great? By staying neutral when difficulties come your way, you are susceptible to negative thoughts infiltrating your life. Don’t let those thoughts darken your entire mindset. One quote from my Jesus Calling book said “Affirm your trust in Me, regardless of how you feel. Thank Me for everything, though this seems unnatural- even irrational.”

It can be hard to keep up this mindset, but I challenge you to remain faithful in God and positive because He will do what is right in the end. I’m challenging myself to do this especially. It’s been hard this past week for me to keep up this way of thinking because of unnecessary stress. I try to lift those up to God and remind myself that I am constantly in the presence of God.

The thing about this positive mindset is that it feels so right when you are just completely filled with love and happiness. Each Monday doesn’t seem so hard, that awful class doesn’t look so bad, and an 8-hour school day turns into just another part of your day. Remember that our God loves us to an extreme extent, one we can’t even measure. He calls us to love others and be filled with His light because our lives should be continuously happy. Try not to rely on a day’s contents to provoke you to feel joyful. Everyday is a day to be happy about. We have a God watching over us, who knows us better than we will ever know ourselves, and wants the best for our lives. This was pretty short and sweet, but if you get anything from reading this entire post, just remember His love is never failing and unending, be joyful everyday.


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