I’ve recently realized how much happier I am ever since I’ve been growing closer to God. It’s an incredible things to realize that the love of our Creator can literally change your life around. It can make every tedious, exhausting school day into another day happy to be alive and loved by God. Having a positive and grateful mindset changes everything.

Daily routines can be tedious and at times the only thing you can think of is when you’ll be going home or the fun event you have the next day. We have to realize that life is precious. Every single moment you spend alive and breathing is a moment God has gifted you with. We are so blessed to have the opportunities we get, and we’ve all been guilty of counting down the minutes until the day ends. It’s crazy to live a life that way, and unfortunately, I had been for so many years.

God has gifted me with life, wonderful friends, amazing communities, and so many things that people may never have access to, yet I am guilty of taking for granted. Walk every day with your head held high and love in your heart because you are a child of the Creator of the universe. Let that sink in. The one who created the universe out of nothing loves YOU and that is something to be happy about!!!

Granted, we are going to all have times of weakness. There will be days where life sounds like too much to handle or we are too upset, scared, or worried to even get up. Rest in the Lord’s presence during those times. Our weakness is the perfect time to become more aware of His presence. When you are not capable, look to God and be joyful because He is sufficient and will provide for you every step of the way. Don’t keep your sorrow and pain bottled up, turn to the Lord with trust and know that He will give you His strength.  Lean on the Lord and enjoy spending time in His presence. We all just need to keep our eyes and hearts open in times of weakness or joy.

Every now and then, take a moment to take a deep breath and realize how blessed you are. Life is such a gift. We are so fortunate to be alive and to have a God who deeply cares for us. There are wonderful people around you who care about you and better yet, the Creator of the earth and the skies and the seas loves you.  Be filled with joy and remember that God is always with us.


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