I’ve recently realized how much happier I am ever since I’ve been growing closer to God. It’s an incredible things to realize that the love of our Creator can literally change your life around. It can make every tedious, exhausting school day into another day happy to be alive and loved by God. Having a … More Joy

In Awe

Reflecting back on this weekend, I’m in awe that I was in the presence of God and got to see Him moving in middle school students. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen someone being moved by a sermon or wishing with all of their heart to grow closer to God and keep their faith strong, … More In Awe

The Minor Details

Some of the biggest problems I have with my faith and in my daily actions are that I stress out far too easily and I overanalyze nearly everything (causing me to be stressed). Something that I’ve recently realized is that God doesn’t want me to spend my life thinking about every single action I do and … More The Minor Details

A Promise

Recently I’ve been asked to share my testimony and I’ve been trying to decide a good bible verse to share at the end of it to (hopefully) leave some sort of impact on the people I’m speaking to. I found one verse that I really like. I’m not sure that I’m going to use it, … More A Promise