Trusting in God

Now I know I seem to have talked a lot about trust on this blog. It’s even in the title! But, today I felt God call me to listen very closely to Him today and the words God spoke through others and through my Jesus Calling book awed me. And believe it or not, it all had to do with trust.

One thing I really got from this morning at church was that when you have full trust in God, he will provide for you. That is so impactful. But, not easy. Again, my problem is fully giving up my trust to God because I love being able to know what’s happening next and why. I’m working on that and this first message really brought it to my attention again. I have to be able to trust in God, know that he’ll do the right thing, and remember that He has a plan already set up for me.

As I was writing this I opened up my Jesus Calling book and started to read today’s passage, wondering if it could have anything to do with trust. And of course, it did.

I love the message given with the idea of a Robe of Righteousness. When I am learning to trust God in my walk of faith and I make a mistake, I shouldn’t go back to where I began and start trusting in Him again later, I should change or not do that action so it doesn’t interfere with my walk with God anymore. Remember to have full trust in God, anything that He changes in our lives is for our benefit and to grow our relationship with Him. Don’t let worldly distractions interfere with this amazing relationship! Relax and trust in the Lord, His plan is there and so is He.


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