God’s Call

One (out of very many) cool things that God does is that He calls us to do things. For instance, recently God has called me to become more involved in my church’s youth group and to go into vocational ministry. Even more recently, God has called me to share my testimony and to be a … More God’s Call

The Unexpected

The unexpected will always occur in our lives. Whether it be interfering dates for two events you want to attend, a family emergency, or just a small bump in the road, they will happen. And when they do, a lot of us (myself included) don’t turn to God. Sometimes, we might even blame Him. I’ve … More The Unexpected

Trusting in God

Now I know I seem to have talked a lot about trust on this blog. It’s even in the title! But, today I felt God call me to listen very closely to Him today and the words God spoke through others and through my Jesus Calling book awed me. And believe it or not, it … More Trusting in God

Do Not Worry

Do. Not. Worry. This is a big one. I am constantly stressed or worried about something in my life! Not worrying is so much easier said than done. Sure, there are things that are somewhat easy not to worry about: your appearance, how the rest of your day will play out, etc. But sometimes we … More Do Not Worry