Living a life for God

I have a reoccurring issue. Sometimes I won’t think before I act. Or, I’ll only think about how my actions will affect ME. That’s not the case. Our actions need to benefit the kingdom of God and show how God has loved, guided, and moved us. A little paragraph inspired me to write this post. I’ve been doing a Pray everyday “challenge” on the Bible app and read something really nice that was a part of the daily reading which I’ll share here:

“The way we live should have evidence of Christ’s work in us—just like fruit shows what kind of tree it is and how healthy it is. Pray today that we live our lives in a way worthy of Jesus. Pray that the Church will lift Jesus up and show the world what He is really like.”

It went alongside with Colossians 1:9-12. This was a nice reminder from God that we all should remember how our actions can represent Him and build up His kingdom. I also love that it says our lives should have evidence of Christ’s work in us. When you’re feeling God’s love, share it! When you hear God’s wisdom, share it! If God is calling you to something or to continue something wholeheartedly, make sure you listen! Share some love, Jesus, and joy.


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