Serve, Lead, Trust

The one thing on this blog that I really want to dig into first are the following three words: Serve, Lead, and Trust. The title of my blog. These three words mean a lot to me. These are three things I have promised to God to begin doing better.

Serve: Recently I have answered God’s call to pursue working in ministry as a career. I want to spend the rest of my life serving God and His people! A few weeks ago, I was sitting on top of a mountain in Colorado, looking out at the beautiful mountains and scenery. Two thoughts that ran through my mind at that moment were, “Wow, the God who created all of this cares about me?!” and “I would be crazy not to spend the rest of my life serving the God who made all of this.”

Lead: When I thought of these three words, I felt God putting it on my heart yet I didn’t really know what it meant. I’ve recently discovered that its meaning is simply the fact that I want to lead people to God. I’m so excited to put this into effect throughout the rest of my life! Knowing that there is a God up there who cares individually about me is such a wonderful thing and I want everyone to have that.

Trust: This is a big one. One of my biggest problems is not letting God control my life because I always feel the need to know exactly what’s happening next. I get stressed out if I don’t know how something in my life is going to play out. But recently, I’ve been able to turn to God and just say, “Okay God, I’m leaving this to you. I know you already have a plan for how this is going to work and I trust you.” Believe me, that’s easier typed than done.

As my faith grows, so does my dedication to serve, lead, and trust. I’m so excited to see what God has in store for my life!



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